E-Power-Station of the Future

Our Chinese partner

Success in Asia: good tailwind for Europe and our vision

Our multinational green growth-strategy started in China with the set up of well-located urban swapping stations and green alliances with innovative OEMs and motivated costumer target groups. Our success is based on very high quality norms, minimal total costs of ownership (TCO) and the systematic avoidance of damages. 40 % of our equipment is from EU-producers.

The taxi business and efficiency-oriented bus- and transport-entrepreneurs are predestined as our allies due to their permanent interest in reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs, time wasting, CO2-minimization, damage-precaution and optimal fleet sizes included.

Nearly 20 years of engineeral optimization, affiliated with 16 years of practical experiences, INFRADianba/Aulton Dianba can now present an excellent and advanced swapping technology, consisting of nearly 1000 patents and licenses. In June 2020 already over 300 stations are in operation (278 for e-taxis, 50 for e-buses), securing (cumulative) 5.17 million swaps, 740 million driven kilometres and a reduction of CO2 of 46,000 tons! The stakeholder-commitments of BAIC New Energy and NIO Capital, two important international automobile-players and the newest usage-partner SAIC-Roewe, demonstrate the growing involvement of the mobility-rulers.

Since July 2020 the SoftBank Energy is one of the shareholders and co-investors of Aulton New Energy (Dianba), the 50%-joint venture partner of INFRADianba (Europe). His parent company SoftBank Group Corp. is one of the most powerful banks worldwide and supported the big internet players from their beginning.

Basis of its commitment was a deep analysis of the word markets; SoftBank's result: the M2G-solution of our group is worldwide the leading systemintegrating technology. SoftBank's prognosis: it has the potential to become one of the greatest success-stories in our century.

INFRADianba in Germany/Europe will be a partner-welcoming useful platform to transform this success on a multinational, multisectorial and multifunctional scale.

Jianping Zhang: father of success

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford as two of the greatest pioneers of our modern world started their first cooperation in 1914 to create a sustainable e-automobile with a stable accumulator for long distances. These ambitions have motivated our partner Mr. Jianping Zhang who has worked in the United States before becoming entrepreneur in China 20 years ago. His solution: decouple the process of mobility from the process of charging! Try to create the quadrature of circle, but try to create a perfect synergy-link between mobility and electricity!

Zhang's results: battery swapping systems with a minimum of 20-30 seconds swapping time and a swapping version for the daily demand of the involved drivers with 1.5 minutes, which is faster than the traditional station-fueling. Such a short swapping time enables to operate e-stations economically due to business-friendly demander volumes which even allow attractive additional usages. Only very short intervals of operation can secure a very high mass-capableness as central key to overshoot fastly the break-evens.

A second effect of Zhang's decoupling are the grid- and battery-friendly charging (≤ 0.5 C), and the system-immanent aggregation of accumulators which allows to use them additionally for the storage needs of the future smart grid.

For optimizing the mass-capableness of his “missing link” Jianping Zhang has created the temperature-sensitive FBG Fiber-Optic-Sensors which are able to assess the full functionality of battery packages and battery infrastructures in real-time.

Over the past 20 years Jianping Zhang, the Chinese Edison of e-mobility, develops his linking infrastructure, cooperating with engineers in Europe. In summary he has secured his knowhow with more than 600 technology-patents respectively IP-rights. His enterprise Dianba New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. has already tested successfully his swapping technology 2008 in Beijing for the bus-transfers of the Olympic Games and 2010 for the shuttle services of the EXPO in Shanghai.

Today international car producers like BAIC and SAIC have implemented extra production lines for e-cars which are fully compatible with the Dianba swapping stations. For Europe Dianba/INFRADianba has received a not limited CE-certification, which was the first one worldwide. In 2015 Mr. Zhang has invited Mr. Cai Dongqing, the head of the Alpha Group, Ltd. (see SZ: 002292), to join the activities of Dianba due to the necessity to be supported now by a strong operation partner with an international background. The joint venture Aulton Dianba is the basis for the current rollout in China (next stage target: 5,000 swapping stations); INFRAMOBILITY-Dianba, founded 2019 in Berlin, is the responsible and exclusive binational unit for the rollout in the European markets.